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Residing at Lycaon:

Snowsecret's Jamaican Me Crazy - Chase
Lycaon's Tia Dalma - Calypso/Callie
Lycaon's Waymar She's So Fine - Sofi (Major pointed!)
Ch Kismet's Gone With The Wind - Scarlett
Lycaon's Babylon Baby - Aurora
Lycaon's Alpine Snow White - Xioni
Ch Artika's Blackhawk Down - Raven
Lycaon's Spirit Of The Wolf - Fenris
Snosecret's What's On Tap - Shiner
Lycaon's Jimmy The Greek - Dimitri
Waymar Lycaon Thru The Grapevine - Brendan

Siberians we co-own:
Ch N'thrn Lyts Little Mermaid - Ariel
Lycaon's Fila Crosstrainer - Fila
Lycaon Shakeena's Bit of Koal - Kolbi
Lycaons Nthrnlyts I Auda B Crazy Too - Auda (Major pointed!)
Lycaon's Nthrn Lyts Tiger Lily - Lily (Major pointed!)
Nthrn Lyts The Dark Lord - Anakin (Major pointed!)

Siberians we have bred:
Lycaon's God's Chosen One - Noah
Lycaon's Divine King Osiris - Ozzie
Lycaon's Shogun Warrior - Shogun
Nthrn Lyts Duke Grayson - Grayson (pointed!)
Lycaon's Waymar Greek Goddess - Lyssa (pointed!)
Lycaon's Kerseva of Shakeena - Seeva
Waymar Lycaon Lucy - Lucy
Lycaon's Little Miss Shila Bug -
Nthrn Lyts Lil Miss Know It All - Sookie (pointed!)
Nthrn Lyts Thunder Rolls - Garth (pointed!)

Siberians we have owned:
Artika's Smoldering Ember - Ember (Major pointed!)
Snosecret's Dreamcatcher Of Lycaon - Cheyanne
Chyndadn's A Christmas Story - Red Ryder
Waymar Lycaon Skywalker - Luke (Major pointed!)
Waymar Lycaon Whatcha Gonna Do - Kaylee

Gone but not forgotton:
Am/Int Ch Snosecret's Mischa Alexi - Mischa
N'thrn Lyts Justin Time - Justin
Galena CK's Thundering Rainmaker - Thunder
Lycaon's White Mica - Mica (pointed)
Lycaon's Denali - Denali (Major pointed!)
Ch Lycaon's Sudden Storm - Stormy
Lycaon's Nike Air Jordan - Jordan

Puppies and Available Adults:
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